Thank you for the countless bandstands in which you gave your all to show that there is beauty in this world. Thank you for keeping the legacy of black music strong and the legacy of black lineage fertile. Your spirit endureth time and space. Thank you for being an ambassador of black culture all over the world, and thank you for your contributions to the catalog of Black History, American History and fellowship.

Most of all, thank you for taking a chance on me, a young hothead kid from Hartford, Connecticut, whom you first brought to Europe and gave the chance to express himself through your light and love of high vibrational and transcendental music. I will forever “Pop my Collar” so everyone knows I’m from New York City.

Through your children we are blessed to see your eyes.

Through your music we are still blessed to feel your heart.

But I am forever blessed to have shared space, time and vibration with you and for that I just want to say…Thank You!